Pilates is a physical fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He suffered a number of ailments as a child and was determined to overcome these, which he did and became a competent athlete. He worked as a circus performer, boxer and self defense instructor before developing his physical fitness technique further and using it to aid in the recovery of injured soldiers during the First World War. He later set up an exercise studio in America which became very popular with dancers wanting to improve their technique and recover from injury. During his lifetime his method of exercise was called 'Contrology'. After his death it was renamed the Pilates Method. The Pilates Method has evolved gradually over time with the integration of current biomechanical research but its basic foundations remain.

Pilates emphasises correct alignment, a strong core, optimal breathing, concentration, precision and control to create smooth flowing movements. Through these principles it builds strength and muscle tone, improves flexibility, coordination and balance, and increases overall endurance. Pilates improves posture, body awareness and ease of movement. The recognition of the importance of both mental and physical health in overall well-being make Pilates a total body conditioning system.


Pilates is a low impact but challenging form of exercise suitable for everybody, even those with physiological conditions.

'It’s the mind itself which shapes the body'